Preface to Natural Vietnamese Language (NVL)


The articles will help people planning to travel to or work in Vietnam with Vietnamese competence.

If you’re here in Vietnam already and have problems understanding and using Vietnamese, my blog’s here to help.

My suggestion is that you master Vietnamese if you ever wish to do some business in Saigon. Why Saigon? It’s the best place for businesses in Vietnam.


Of course, when you have a plan to come to Vietnam, you probably have your own reasons why you want to learn Vietnamese. They can be traveling to Vietnam, working in Vietnam or getting married with a Vietnamese. It’s possible that your reasons can be the combination of those reasons and/or some others.

With a passion before you learn a language is a great advantage you possess. But it’s normal if you haven’t had something like that before you start learning Vietnamese. Donald Trump once said that you hardly have a strong passion before you start doing something new or even after you’ve done it for a while. However, you’d better build it through your everyday efforts.

Moreover, it’s fun and interesting to learn about the country, culture, language and people. If you’d like to talk to people to understand more about the country and themselves, or take a tour of the beauty spots, try Vietnamese foods like Pho and Goi Cuon, rolls with meat, shrimp and vegetables, or strong black coffee, then you can see the entire new world in front of you to discover. So why not having some fun when studying Vietnamese?


Everything Is an Opportunity

“How much is that technology? What? Two million bucks? No, no way. Tell them to forget about that. Nobody would buy that stuff even for only two hundred thousand. If they want to make good profit with it, cooperate with me. I’ll make sure every member of the team get his share. By the way how about opening up a language center? Just give me a projection, and I’ll take care everything for it.” LOL. That’s the tone we might possess when we have confidence in our abilities to take care of what we’re dealing with. And everywhere and anything you look at, you’ll see all opportunities in them.

Something You Hate Doing

During the time you attend a course to build or sharpen a skill, if you find yourself cutting the class continually for about two weeks or more, that’s when you would have the tendency to quit it forever. But if you somehow try to get back to the class, that means that you’ve recognized that it’s some thing you want to possess for your interest and life. There’re always not a great number of folks found on the top notch of most things. It’s not because of the narrow spaces they’re spared with, it’s just because it’s to tiring and depressing to do something that you don’t love to.

Why Just Re-Act?

Tet is a vacation starting between late January and the beginning of February. It’s a time for Vietnamese to get back home after the entire year studying or working in other places. Most people living Saigon and Hanoi are from other provinces or cities, and that’s a duration they want to spend with their families or friends. So it’s a holiday.

Before Tet, people want to buy things for the families as gifts and for decoration. And you can tell that it’s a good sales opportunity for businesses. So you’ll see prices of things start to get higher just because it’s  a holiday. They want to take more money from their customers and clients.

Gas would go up first as a sign and initiator for others to follow, maybe it’s because of the incidents which have happened in the countries holding oil and supplying them to the rest of the world or perhaps the government wants to reduce their subsidy on oil price. Food is the next thing, because the diners and restaurants think that they have to raise their prices because they have to pay more for gas. And shortly after that, consumers’ products would be after. That’s when you walk out on the street just to see with what you could pay for a meal can’t be enough anymore for the same thing you had last year.

And not long after that – after Tet – you would see your income would have more to pay for.

Businesses would begin to raise the prices of their products and services just to see more of their customers getting away from them. The customers just don’t want to pay for the same things they are offerred as much as they did anymore; not to mention that they have to pay more for those. They might want to pay more, but what could be the reasons?

Businessowners after enjoying Tet would see they can’t enjoy anything happening with their sales and profits anymore. They start to cut down the expenses by firing their workers, narrow down some of their space or shut down some of their branches just to see they can’t hardly get back to where they were before Tet. They can’t even pay the workers they keep as much and punctually as they’re supposed to any longer, and wish that their employees just have to accept the situation they’ve caused and couldn’t leave them anymore.

Why just re-act? Why not act? Why not take shorter vacation or no vacation at all? Why not work harder and longer? Why not spend the same or less amount for the celebration? Why not resume work sooner? Why not keep prices the same? Why not serve better and offer more instead of wanting to get more from the consumers? Why not try to keep the customers and profits instead of seeing them off? Why not refuse to go down?

Lessons to Learn

In your life, you have a certain amount of lessons to learn. When you have bad grade, you need to study harder or in a smarter way. If you have you home broken in, you need to locked all the doors and gates or have some security system. If you lose some money or even a fortune in some deals, learn from them and keep on moving. There’re always some signs the world may give you before and after a disaster really chokes you. It’s a “may” because sometimes you don’t notice them when they’re there for your acknowledgement.

You can learn them from so many resources – classes, books, gurus, insiders, etc. You can learn even from some things or people you don’t like. Yeah, you can name them.

You can think that after you’ve learn one, you’ve got the feeling of success. You have some assessment or evaluation on your achievements. But some others have parties. They can be fun but make sure that you can learn some when you’re enjoying alcohol.

But when you don’t have that kinds of feelings, you can still learn some lessons. That’s when you lose. You can start blaming or learning – it’s up to you! You decide if it’s a lesson or not.

If you fail to learn them when you’re supposed to, then you have to do that some other time. You have to learn them over in a cheerful way or in some most bitter situations. Do your homework!

If you’re a martial artist, it’s not only how many strikes you make or how hard, quickly, creative and creative they are. It’s also how long it takes you to get back on your feet after you got hit and manage to create a combination of punches, kicks and elbows and knees and fleeing to KO your component. If you’re not, it’s your difficulties and limits which are yours. Take every of them as a challenge and crush it. If you need some time to think and plan, just do it. Otherwise, you’re just hesitating and that’s a waste of everything. You would learn how it feels when you’re being hesitating if you like that. But ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Destination or Journey?

Everything starts with difficulties; and that’s true for me since I decided to go to the gym till I actually do it. It’s still beyond my imagination that now I can manage to get up at about 4.30 or 5 a.m. I used to get up at about at least 8.30 or 9 a.m, and I never thought that I could wake up at 7.30 or something.

To me finding a reason to get up and doing some physical exercise is not as hard as trying to do it. Now it usually takes me about half an hour to feel refreshed and partly awake. But I know one thing the more I wake up, the easier it is for me in the future.

Then I have another half an hour sitting in traffic to get to the gym. Though the traffic in Saigon is absolutely crazy to most people even it’s early mornings, it’s ok to me because I like riding.

About five minutes after warming up, I already forget about sleep and warm cover. The cool weather in the early morning and some breezes around me really provide me a great deal of energy and encouragement. I think I enjoy this the best, because it helps me to transfer smoothly to the main part of the exercise day.

I like the feeling of overcoming difficulties to get to this fresh attitude. I think difficulties are good because they make us treasure what’s good ahead. It’s a success to me every morning when I can finish the exercise, because I know that it’s not easy.

Is Life Short?

meaningful life

Forget that life's short.

Yes, it is.

Because it seems that most of us don’t have enough time to do what we need to do. We need more time to have a better revision for our exams and more time to do read more for our research at school. We want to spend more time with our families, but because now we’re busy studying or working. We don’t even sometimes have time for ourselves.

Some regret their childhood when a year would seem to take for every for us to go by. We enjoyed the time with our parents, going out and having fun with friends. We didn’t need to worry what would happen tomorrow. Life would look like a perfect paradise for all to live in. However, now that we’re grown up and we just can’t do those things any more or that often. For us, happy time just slipped away. Come on, taking responsibilities doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun. Life isn’t an ocean of miseries, either. Like what we’re doing then we’re not working any longer. And knowing that by facing our difficulties and challenges, we’re getting stronger and more powerful for the next wave of life where we can create the meanings for our existence.

Some think that by planning what we want to do, it’s more possible for us to make them come true.  Sure, not planning to success means planning to fail. With plans, we’ll have a clearer and more thorough picture of our dreams and how we can achieve them.

Some think that it doesn’t matter how long we can live our lives. It’s how meaningful what we do are in our lives. If we’re depressed and need some time for ourselves then just go ahead and take it. But it’s not a good idea if we keep on sitting still and moaning. Get up and do something, anything. We’ll feel much better and after a while everything will be all right. Spare no time for feeling down and miseries. Spend lots of our time for our dreams.

Some are not feeling that our past is right. We made some mistakes and have felt like to get back the milk we pilled down on the floor. We can’t change or re-do the past. Regrets don’t work; they only hurt. Just go out there and buy some more milk or coke instead.

And if every of us have to die some time, any time, we know for sure that we can’t get away from death. So we don’t know how long our time is left; so live with that duration the way we want our lives to be.  Just do everything we want and like to do so that we won’t regret before we have to leave this game of life.