Who & Where’s Nick?


Hi there,

I’m Nghia H. Bui. That’s my Vietnamese name. You can call me Nick.

I live and work in Saigon, Vietnam, but I’m from another city, Vinh Long, about 87.5 miles away.

I like talking about language teaching, learning and study, translation, interpretation and business as well.

I love to write what I love to and connect with y’all. You and me can understand more after a while.

I want to have my own business and I’m in the process of setting it up. Perhaps you have your own reasons to do business. As for me, doing business is living my life.

So what’re your reasons to be in business?


Nick Bui

Email: nghiabh@gmail.com

Cell #: 8490.851.8983

Address: Hochiminh City, Vietnam


2 thoughts on “Who & Where’s Nick?

  1. Thanks for your blog! I am American but have some Vietnamese friends. I really want to learn more vietnamese, but I hate to always ask them. Your website is very helpful. Are you still writing articles?

  2. Thanks for spending your time on my blog. I’ve been working on a new plan to the contents of this blog. Possibly that I’ll have some other website to help Vietnamese language learners throughout the world. Till them I’ll be keeping you informed. Enjoy your Vietnamese learning.

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