Preface to Natural Vietnamese Language (NVL)


The articles will help people planning to travel to or work in Vietnam with Vietnamese competence.

If you’re here in Vietnam already and have problems understanding and using Vietnamese, my blog’s here to help.

My suggestion is that you master Vietnamese if you ever wish to do some business in Saigon. Why Saigon? It’s the best place for businesses in Vietnam.


Of course, when you have a plan to come to Vietnam, you probably have your own reasons why you want to learn Vietnamese. They can be traveling to Vietnam, working in Vietnam or getting married with a Vietnamese. It’s possible that your reasons can be the combination of those reasons and/or some others.

With a passion before you learn a language is a great advantage you possess. But it’s normal if you haven’t had something like that before you start learning Vietnamese. Donald Trump once said that you hardly have a strong passion before you start doing something new or even after you’ve done it for a while. However, you’d better build it through your everyday efforts.

Moreover, it’s fun and interesting to learn about the country, culture, language and people. If you’d like to talk to people to understand more about the country and themselves, or take a tour of the beauty spots, try Vietnamese foods like Pho and Goi Cuon, rolls with meat, shrimp and vegetables, or strong black coffee, then you can see the entire new world in front of you to discover. So why not having some fun when studying Vietnamese?


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