Everything Is an Opportunity

“How much is that technology? What? Two million bucks? No, no way. Tell them to forget about that. Nobody would buy that stuff even for only two hundred thousand. If they want to make good profit with it, cooperate with me. I’ll make sure every member of the team get his share. By the way how about opening up a language center? Just give me a projection, and I’ll take care everything for it.” LOL. That’s the tone we might possess when we have confidence in our abilities to take care of what we’re dealing with. And everywhere and anything you look at, you’ll see all opportunities in them.


Something You Hate Doing

During the time you attend a course to build or sharpen a skill, if you find yourself cutting the class continually for about two weeks or more, that’s when you would have the tendency to quit it forever. But if you somehow try to get back to the class, that means that you’ve recognized that it’s some thing you want to possess for your interest and life. There’re always not a great number of folks found on the top notch of most things. It’s not because of the narrow spaces they’re spared with, it’s just because it’s to tiring and depressing to do something that you don’t love to.

Why Just Re-Act?

Tet is a vacation starting between late January and the beginning of February. It’s a time for Vietnamese to get back home after the entire year studying or working in other places. Most people living Saigon and Hanoi are from other provinces or cities, and that’s a duration they want to spend with their families or friends. So it’s a holiday.

Before Tet, people want to buy things for the families as gifts and for decoration. And you can tell that it’s a good sales opportunity for businesses. So you’ll see prices of things start to get higher just because it’s  a holiday. They want to take more money from their customers and clients.

Gas would go up first as a sign and initiator for others to follow, maybe it’s because of the incidents which have happened in the countries holding oil and supplying them to the rest of the world or perhaps the government wants to reduce their subsidy on oil price. Food is the next thing, because the diners and restaurants think that they have to raise their prices because they have to pay more for gas. And shortly after that, consumers’ products would be after. That’s when you walk out on the street just to see with what you could pay for a meal can’t be enough anymore for the same thing you had last year.

And not long after that – after Tet – you would see your income would have more to pay for.

Businesses would begin to raise the prices of their products and services just to see more of their customers getting away from them. The customers just don’t want to pay for the same things they are offerred as much as they did anymore; not to mention that they have to pay more for those. They might want to pay more, but what could be the reasons?

Businessowners after enjoying Tet would see they can’t enjoy anything happening with their sales and profits anymore. They start to cut down the expenses by firing their workers, narrow down some of their space or shut down some of their branches just to see they can’t hardly get back to where they were before Tet. They can’t even pay the workers they keep as much and punctually as they’re supposed to any longer, and wish that their employees just have to accept the situation they’ve caused and couldn’t leave them anymore.

Why just re-act? Why not act? Why not take shorter vacation or no vacation at all? Why not work harder and longer? Why not spend the same or less amount for the celebration? Why not resume work sooner? Why not keep prices the same? Why not serve better and offer more instead of wanting to get more from the consumers? Why not try to keep the customers and profits instead of seeing them off? Why not refuse to go down?