Lessons to Learn

In your life, you have a certain amount of lessons to learn. When you have bad grade, you need to study harder or in a smarter way. If you have you home broken in, you need to locked all the doors and gates or have some security system. If you lose some money or even a fortune in some deals, learn from them and keep on moving. There’re always some signs the world may give you before and after a disaster really chokes you. It’s a “may” because sometimes you don’t notice them when they’re there for your acknowledgement.

You can learn them from so many resources – classes, books, gurus, insiders, etc. You can learn even from some things or people you don’t like. Yeah, you can name them.

You can think that after you’ve learn one, you’ve got the feeling of success. You have some assessment or evaluation on your achievements. But some others have parties. They can be fun but make sure that you can learn some when you’re enjoying alcohol.

But when you don’t have that kinds of feelings, you can still learn some lessons. That’s when you lose. You can start blaming or learning – it’s up to you! You decide if it’s a lesson or not.

If you fail to learn them when you’re supposed to, then you have to do that some other time. You have to learn them over in a cheerful way or in some most bitter situations. Do your homework!

If you’re a martial artist, it’s not only how many strikes you make or how hard, quickly, creative and creative they are. It’s also how long it takes you to get back on your feet after you got hit and manage to create a combination of punches, kicks and elbows and knees and fleeing to KO your component. If you’re not, it’s your difficulties and limits which are yours. Take every of them as a challenge and crush it. If you need some time to think and plan, just do it. Otherwise, you’re just hesitating and that’s a waste of everything. You would learn how it feels when you’re being hesitating if you like that. But ask yourself if it’s worth it.


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