Destination or Journey?

Everything starts with difficulties; and that’s true for me since I decided to go to the gym till I actually do it. It’s still beyond my imagination that now I can manage to get up at about 4.30 or 5 a.m. I used to get up at about at least 8.30 or 9 a.m, and I never thought that I could wake up at 7.30 or something.

To me finding a reason to get up and doing some physical exercise is not as hard as trying to do it. Now it usually takes me about half an hour to feel refreshed and partly awake. But I know one thing the more I wake up, the easier it is for me in the future.

Then I have another half an hour sitting in traffic to get to the gym. Though the traffic in Saigon is absolutely crazy to most people even it’s early mornings, it’s ok to me because I like riding.

About five minutes after warming up, I already forget about sleep and warm cover. The cool weather in the early morning and some breezes around me really provide me a great deal of energy and encouragement. I think I enjoy this the best, because it helps me to transfer smoothly to the main part of the exercise day.

I like the feeling of overcoming difficulties to get to this fresh attitude. I think difficulties are good because they make us treasure what’s good ahead. It’s a success to me every morning when I can finish the exercise, because I know that it’s not easy.


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