Destination or Journey?

Everything starts with difficulties; and that’s true for me since I decided to go to the gym till I actually do it. It’s still beyond my imagination that now I can manage to get up at about 4.30 or 5 a.m. I used to get up at about at least 8.30 or 9 a.m, and I never thought that I could wake up at 7.30 or something.

To me finding a reason to get up and doing some physical exercise is not as hard as trying to do it. Now it usually takes me about half an hour to feel refreshed and partly awake. But I know one thing the more I wake up, the easier it is for me in the future.

Then I have another half an hour sitting in traffic to get to the gym. Though the traffic in Saigon is absolutely crazy to most people even it’s early mornings, it’s ok to me because I like riding.

About five minutes after warming up, I already forget about sleep and warm cover. The cool weather in the early morning and some breezes around me really provide me a great deal of energy and encouragement. I think I enjoy this the best, because it helps me to transfer smoothly to the main part of the exercise day.

I like the feeling of overcoming difficulties to get to this fresh attitude. I think difficulties are good because they make us treasure what’s good ahead. It’s a success to me every morning when I can finish the exercise, because I know that it’s not easy.


Is Life Short?

meaningful life

Forget that life's short.

Yes, it is.

Because it seems that most of us don’t have enough time to do what we need to do. We need more time to have a better revision for our exams and more time to do read more for our research at school. We want to spend more time with our families, but because now we’re busy studying or working. We don’t even sometimes have time for ourselves.

Some regret their childhood when a year would seem to take for every for us to go by. We enjoyed the time with our parents, going out and having fun with friends. We didn’t need to worry what would happen tomorrow. Life would look like a perfect paradise for all to live in. However, now that we’re grown up and we just can’t do those things any more or that often. For us, happy time just slipped away. Come on, taking responsibilities doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun. Life isn’t an ocean of miseries, either. Like what we’re doing then we’re not working any longer. And knowing that by facing our difficulties and challenges, we’re getting stronger and more powerful for the next wave of life where we can create the meanings for our existence.

Some think that by planning what we want to do, it’s more possible for us to make them come true.  Sure, not planning to success means planning to fail. With plans, we’ll have a clearer and more thorough picture of our dreams and how we can achieve them.

Some think that it doesn’t matter how long we can live our lives. It’s how meaningful what we do are in our lives. If we’re depressed and need some time for ourselves then just go ahead and take it. But it’s not a good idea if we keep on sitting still and moaning. Get up and do something, anything. We’ll feel much better and after a while everything will be all right. Spare no time for feeling down and miseries. Spend lots of our time for our dreams.

Some are not feeling that our past is right. We made some mistakes and have felt like to get back the milk we pilled down on the floor. We can’t change or re-do the past. Regrets don’t work; they only hurt. Just go out there and buy some more milk or coke instead.

And if every of us have to die some time, any time, we know for sure that we can’t get away from death. So we don’t know how long our time is left; so live with that duration the way we want our lives to be.  Just do everything we want and like to do so that we won’t regret before we have to leave this game of life.