Living in Illusion

Although there’re more and more people think that they should be practical and try their best to live there lives down on the earth. Still, there’re others who don’t want to look at the real picture and see the truth in there.

To them it’s impossible to live in the real world. In their minds, the real world is a cruel place to live in and, moreover, they love that  shiny and colorful planet built by their parents and others to keep them away from facts and truth. They don’t like the search for actuality. Perhaps they can understand why their parents want to do that to them; maybe in their childhood, their moms and dads want to protect them from risks and dangers.

But what ridiculous is that even after when they’re grown up, some still like to stay in that illusion that  they want to achieve their dreams without a single difficulty and failure. They can be sure that they want a bunch of good things and deny what those things are made from. Maybe, they have the habit of getting told and taught what the world is and how they should view it.

Most of the successes are made of brainstorming, efforts, hard work, and a hell of failures, depression and stresses. They’re never products that are of free stresses.


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