If You Think So.

Most of us believe that with knowledge we can achieve whatever we want to.

Then we can find out that we also need other things along with knowledge about something. Practice is one of them.

But only right before you get into the situation where you have to apply what you’ve learned would you understand that they’re not the most important things of all.

The attitude you have at the time can decide if you’ll win or lose. A martial artist who’s imaging the scenario where he could blow varying and non-stop combinations of blocks, kicks and punches right at his opponent is more likely to knock him out. He even “knows” what the final strike he would be using and where it would hit at his competitor to end the game with his favored result.

If you could imagine that you are the fighter and your difficulties and problems your opponent and his strikes. It’s a sure thing that it’s you who decides how your performance would turn out. If you think that you’ll be defeated, then you will. It’s also true the other way that you can crush him if you think so.

In addition, it’s not always how strong your strikes are; it’s sometimes whether you can stand up again and keep on attacking your opponent after you’ve been beaten that makes you stand out.

So be smart, powerful, flexible and unbeatable in the games of life, work, business or whatever!


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