When You Don’t Love What You’re Doing

You won’t get a lot out of it. Or you may think you can still make some money from it and forget about other things. And you’ll recognize that except money, you have nothing else.

Besides, you don’t get paid as much as what you think you deserve. You can find a bunch of guys trying to work much harder than you and yet have to see they’re not going higher with their living standards and what you’re wishing for are going farther and farther away from you. We’re playing a chess game with time, and would be realizing that each of your pieces taken out some time or other.

Your future would go nowhere or no further. Or it wouldn’t turn out to be what you want it to.

You’re not living. You’re just existing. And you couln’t find a single reason why you want to improve what you’re doing, because you think you’re working and not enjoing. You would get bored very easily and your performance is very bad.

Soon, people will know how strong your motivation at work is. You’d be showing it to them every day. And you would have a reputation for that.

You would just like to quit it when you get hit and have to face the difficulties on the way. To you, they’re not challenges to make yourself move forward and become greater. They’re just difficulties and obstacles remained unsolved. You wouldn’t figure out why you need to get up ASAP and keep on moving.

You’d be getting more and more depressed day after day. And the most important thing is that you’re not have fun and enjoying your time. What’s the point of your existence on earth when you just drag yourself through time?

In the end, you wouldn’t have a good story about yourself to tell your kids, your grandchildren and successive generations. You’d fail to write your own history for the world after you’re gone.


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