If you were just not noticing, then you could still hear the whispers from your colleagues when they come. That was like the sudden change of the work atmosphere that you could hardly ignore. As they were walking into the entry to the door of the office where all the staff were located. If you found yourself like a fool having known nothing happening you would be the only one that was sitting there in your position. Everyman rose standing, followed with a simultaneous bow. What was that you just saw? You were in a political organ or the army greeting your superiors? Or you were catching yourself in a Korean or Japanese corporation like in the soap movies on the tube? Quite a show!

Then you could feel like the push the crowd just handed over to you implying that you should have done the same thing folks were doing. If you wouldn’t perceive it like something that’s ever happened to you in your long enough enlightened time as an employee at foreign language centers or any businesses, you would see the big bosses was there in front of you eyeballing you. When you were working at some corner playing blind and deaf, now you were cornered by your own bosses and their same old eyeballing stuff.

What the rat? They thought they were some Korean or Japanese though they live and do business in another Asian city – Saigon? Wait! They weren’t in Seoul or Tokyo and they don’t speak either languages spoken in these cities, eating their food twenty-four seven and practice their cultures. And now the big bosses would like to act like them when they’re not. Is that what they’ve been doing to show where their position in their own business is when their workers wouldn’t say a word to deny that? Or they’re scared that their employees could get to them?

Cut that noise! All they can see are they’re wasting their time bitching with some nonsense instead of focusing taking care of their workers to know whether they’re doing the right things to boost their business by satisfying their clients. The staff don’t even know what lessons the classes are up to and that their clients, the students, are getting sick of their over-populated classrooms and their clichés on the ads they’re running and the immense signs on top of their campuses that are flooding the city view .

Now they’re in the mood of getting respect from the workers and seeing them living their places and don’t give a glimpse back about it. Isn’t that something when people are getting away from their business and they’re right there with their anthem and eyeballs and blaming on recession and inflation stuffs?


When You Don’t Love What You’re Doing

You won’t get a lot out of it. Or you may think you can still make some money from it and forget about other things. And you’ll recognize that except money, you have nothing else.

Besides, you don’t get paid as much as what you think you deserve. You can find a bunch of guys trying to work much harder than you and yet have to see they’re not going higher with their living standards and what you’re wishing for are going farther and farther away from you. We’re playing a chess game with time, and would be realizing that each of your pieces taken out some time or other.

Your future would go nowhere or no further. Or it wouldn’t turn out to be what you want it to.

You’re not living. You’re just existing. And you couln’t find a single reason why you want to improve what you’re doing, because you think you’re working and not enjoing. You would get bored very easily and your performance is very bad.

Soon, people will know how strong your motivation at work is. You’d be showing it to them every day. And you would have a reputation for that.

You would just like to quit it when you get hit and have to face the difficulties on the way. To you, they’re not challenges to make yourself move forward and become greater. They’re just difficulties and obstacles remained unsolved. You wouldn’t figure out why you need to get up ASAP and keep on moving.

You’d be getting more and more depressed day after day. And the most important thing is that you’re not have fun and enjoying your time. What’s the point of your existence on earth when you just drag yourself through time?

In the end, you wouldn’t have a good story about yourself to tell your kids, your grandchildren and successive generations. You’d fail to write your own history for the world after you’re gone.