Look Through the Heat

As I remember, it’s been extremely hot for about a month now in Saigon. Not only in this part of the country has the problem that the people is  getting burnt and exhausted every time they head the roads. In other areas in the Central and North of Vietnam, the temperature has reached 40 degree Centigrade, and there are people got fainted while they were working or learning.

You can get this hell not only when you’re outdoor. You can feel like you would be having a sauna at home when you have just fans for the air circulation. You can see you’re sweating more when you have to get out of the blowing wind from the fans. Never before have Vietnamese had this heat. And everyone’s not feeling okay and it’s very easy for them to get excited because of some problems.

People started to get the the coffee shops and restaurants with A.C to hide away from the burning and enjoy the cool air there. People with the habits of going to cafés and eating out started to take it as a must for these catering businesses to have air-conditioning systems. And that’s when these businesses have more customers than they do in the rainy seasons.

And so do the AC suppliers in this freaking season in Vietnam. A couple who haven’t quarreled so far began to pour out to each other just because the woman wanted to install an air-conditioner for their rental home. She complained that she has to stay at home, also her own home hairstyle business to sweat and expect no clients coming. When the man refused her request with the reason that they don’t just buys things when they want them. In addition, it’s not a small amount to them. The wife continued that because her husband works in an office with cool air for every minute he feels hot, so he couldn’t understand the hell she is in all day and also at night. She thinks that’s the problem brought by the weather to everyone; everybody can recognize this except her husband. They will buy AC for their homes soon.


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