What Some Giants Have and Don’t

After the Doi Moi Policies passed in Vietnam in 1986, the Vietnamese, after about ten thousand days suffering from the wars, then have had a chance to experience a new breeze of life.  Private businesses have been permitted. That means that people since then have been allowed to make money by running businesses and the others could go work for them.

People started to crush to language centers to study foreign languages, especially English, although Russian and French had been taught long ago. Vietnamese have know that English has become an International language because of certain reasons. They just didn’t care about the reasons very much. They only want to know that knowing English meaning having a chance to improve their lives and those of their children. If you had been in Vietnam at that time, you would have learned that everyone from a kid to a senior citizen went to English classes three times a week in the evening between 6 and 9.

And that was the time for the businessmen to think seriously about the growing need of study English, though it might have taken them long enough to give up that business idea to take care of the paperwork to have a permit for a language center at that time. Most state’s schools wanted to keep that cheese for themselves, for they already had more advantages about education and influence over their newly joining opponents.

But times went by the procedure of obtaining a permit of teaching languages and an educational business license have been made easier. More education businesses have been brought into life. You may heard somewhere that with little or no investment, you could still have a business, but it’s not the story here in education. You’re required to have a premise with at least five classrooms and some others for a library, the staff and the principle and, of course, you ought to about five English teachers with the copies of their qualifications.  They’ve tried to reach out for more students as well as more profit, for it was not really the time to think of educational targets or quality.

Apparently, you can figure out this truth by listening to some people learning English. Most of them would confess that they can speak English, and when you start a conversation with them in English you would recognize that they wouldn’t get, answer and respond to your second or third sentences. The thing is how good you are at a language, not whether you know it or not. I wonder where they are learning English.

Nowadays, you can still see this mindset from some language training businesses. Having a required building on some main streets with colorful and imposing signs on top and on its two sides, course consultants in beautiful uniform sitting at the front desks on which there are some cliché brochures, some teachers – Vietnamese and foreign, and some other workers and  tools and equipment, you can own a language center. You don’t need to know which lessons the teachers and their students are learning. You don’t need to care how interesting their classes are to the students, how satisfying the students are with the material and the teacher with the center. You don’t need to pay the teachers if they don’t sign their names after each class – that’s their business. You just need to run some ads frequently enough. Anyway, you have a language center and some foreign teachers. Forget about quality and satisfaction as long as you make profit!


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