Entertain Me Please!

Remember sometime when you were at the department store buying some new clothes and got the sight of a kid crying because his parent didn’t want to buy him the toy guns he insisted to ask for. You might think it was funny just what you were spotting. When you’re grown up and have some problems coming up and you feel bad. And you start to blame on other people, it could be anyone – your children or spouse, your colleague, your boss or even your parents for the mess you’ve just got. Wait! Do you want to stop for a short while right here? Do you recognize that kid inside of you making you do what you’re doing? We’re sometimes not grown up, just get older after years.

You, like any other guy on this earth, want to make it better. You just have one thing – who’s to do the job? Who’s to entertain you? Someone rather than you or yourself? Though some of us keep acting like it’s not our false, it’s just somebody else’s. But deep at some corner of your mind you can know for sure that you should have been the one to blame for anything sucking in your life. At least, it’s because you let it happen to you. Of course, if a disaster showed up in your neighborhood and you got affected too, then it was not your mistake. Or many of us were born into a family not as rich and comfortable as what we wish it would be, then can we change our past?

Other people are not responsible for how you feel unless you have to pay for it? You pay for the ticket of a comedy and you find out it’s not funny at all and the actor is wearing some purely funny costume, and no more or less. His acting’s disappointing you and you’re seeing yourself throwing your money and time through the window. Sure, the guy definitely deserves your criticism. You can think of kind of situations like that.

If you don’t feel happy with what you’re doing, why are you still doing it? And note that if you don’t appreciate what you have, you might lose it some day. It’s clear that sometimes we can’t control everything. It may looks not very fun that most of us have to go to work a large portion of our lifetime to buy food, drinks and pay the rental and all kinds of bills. All the same you can choose the job you prefer and who you want to work for. Not a body can make you do what you don’t want to, unless you are in a very tough situation and that guy has the power over you, or in a country with little or no freedom. Go find another more motivation and inspiring working environment; otherwise, turn yourself into a fortune for your current company.

If you don’t feel happy with the business you’re running, why did you start it up? It should be your mental child that you embrace with most of your time and enthusiasm. Making money is not the only good thing.

You should be the one to look for something fascinating for yourself first.


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