Plan to Success

Some people try to live their lives with the hope that they wouldn’t have to face any problems. And reality turns out to be against them. They don’t want to be poor when they get older but they don’t know how to keep that from happening and do nothing about it. Robert Kiyosaki said in his book that not planning for success is planning for failure, and I agree with him.

A woman wants to re-design her house with an amount of money finally would find herself paying twice as much. Perhaps she did her calculations and missed something that caused her current problem, or maybe she would need some constructional calculation and have a blue print and also financial advice before she really makes make that investment.

If we stop to think for a while before we make any decision, there would be less chance for us to have risks. Thinking of what we would buy before we go shopping and make a shopping list may prevent us from spending more than what we plan to.

When you start to develop such a habit or skill, you need to be strict to practise it over and over again till it becomes your nature. For it would be ridiculous to form a habit and then not having to mind and guts to carry it out.

Another problem of making a plan is that you should plan in accordance with yourself, not with what you think you could do. A person thinks it takes a half a day to finish one task may spend one day just to know that he can’t. You might need to work hard and smart, but it doesn’t mean that you could rip yourself off just because you think you can. You would find that you got tired and disappointed when you find out that you couldn’t finish most of the tasks on time. Everything gets off track and it’s a mess. Then you just don’t want to continue the work anymore.

Always leave out a period of more time for the time frame you have. If you think you can finish your work in an hour, give it two or one and a half. After you have know that it takes you and an hour and fifteen minutes to finish it, then you can adjust the schedule to fit that reality.


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