Doesn’t Want to Have Fun?

When mentioning about difficulties, I remember the times I went to the beach. It has such a mysterious beauty that most people will feel relaxed when they’re there. You can feel the peacefulness and cool air surrounding you along with strong wind. If you look at it at a certain time, you can see it so peaceful and calm. Nothing can really heal us from our hardship as fast as the sea.

But you and me know for sure that there’s no short break in there deep in the ocean. Those oceanic creatures have to struggle to survive and develop in such an environment. And by doing what they have to do to get what they want in lives, the animals have become awesome and attractive to us as the observers. But how would you feel if we were in their shoes? Each of us has our own answer.

The waves take  turn to rush ashore, and while you’re swimming on that beach you can be assured that the next wave will come to you right after and as quickly as the former does. You can feel cold, hard and miserable during the time you’re learning how to get accustomed with the water or you can feel it cool, fun, interesting and fascinating to play with it. Which of these emotions do you want to choose to have with your sea games of life? It’s up to you all.


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