Who Don’t Want to be Treated Well?

When someone wants you to be there with them, will you? They want your accompany when they’re feeling down, and you try to wonder why you would be there.

Being there would be a waste for you if you think of the benefits you can get then. You have to set your personal and business stuffs aside for a while and move yourself there. When you make it there, you should listen to them to see what happened to them. It’s just a waste of time listening to them if you just care about your stuffs.

Let’s look at it from a different point of view. What can you bring them when you listen to them? You give them your attention and time for them to get noticed and listened and understood and sympathized. You let them know that you’re not only with them when you need something from them. You’re with them because you like to. You treat them the way you want to be treated. They know that you care. They don’t need your excuse ‘I don’t care’ at all. Nobody does.

And that’s the difference you can make. Is being different one of the benefits to your business?


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