Preventing Losses At All Costs

You run a coffee powder business. You want to produce as much coffee as you can and sell it with bulk quantity at the price where you’re competitive. All a sudden, you find yourself having some of the workloads which quality is lower than the standard that you’ve set up in accordance with your customers’ wishes. You know that you should have done something to prevent this from happening but you didn’t do anything good enough for it. Therefore, it’s on your mind now.

So what would you do? You can have two options now.

Option number one is that you will dump all the low quality coffee and get a big loss on your investment because of your sucking quality control. You might risk your capital or your financial stability. You’ll have to let those quality control guys, who brought you into this dilemma, go home and have nights without sleep to think of solutions for that and try to overcome your difficulties. But you can save your face, your business brand and keep up with the quality promises you’ve made with the customers trusting and using your product.

Or to save the possible loss, you pick the second option that you pretend you didn’t know what happened to your coffee and brainwash your quality concepts and fool your salespeople and customers with the excuse that most other businesses in your industry can have the same mistake . And so can you.

You can cheat your customers once or twice, but are you assured that you can do it the third and fourth time? And what if they find out they’re getting something less worthy than what they’ve paid for? Maybe you can ordered your workers to sit all day long at their coffeeshops to make company name on top of their minds? But for what? For your tricks on them?


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