Their Service is Not So Good, But It’s Cheap.

Imagine that you’re a student and you want to better your English. You decide to take a course at a language center. Maybe you want to study at a good one, but the first thought comes into your mind is that you shouldn’t choose an expensive course. And you go to one language center that you can see a lot of their campuses along the way you go to school. You can see four of the campuses. That’s a lot. They must be good and rich enough to have so many places like that around.

You want to get in one of them to learn about the course you want. You’re told that you only have to pay USD300 to study for about one and a half year. Oh God! The course will last one and a half year with only 300 bucks. That’s out of your mind. You can achieve your dream with only that much. In one and a half year, you’ll be very good at English. You pay the tuition and keep the receipt to make sure that you’re not a day dreamer, and wait for the course to start.

That beginning day of your dream realization process finally comes. You’re so eager and energized to go to class. You’re in very early. Perhaps you’re one of the ten coming there earliest. You pick the one of the seats at the first row, which is closest the knowledge resource. You’re close enough to the board, the CD player and of course the teacher. There’re just a few students in the class the first day. Not so many students are in the class, but a good class doesn’t need a lot of them.

The second day you go to class and discover that there’re more students coming. And more of them come in.

And after one week you see yourself sitting among a crowd. That’s amazing. How come? There’re about forty to fifty of them not including you. You find yourself sitting so closely with other guys. Your desk is almost join to those of the two others sitting next to you on the two sides. You can’t move any part of your body even to take notes. You find it impossible to get out to go to the restroom if you have to. The teacher’s talking and showing things and you can’t listen to him because every single sound one of y’all make units with one another to make up a loud noise.

The teacher tries to calm you down to persuade you sit still and quiet, but you can see the heat is occupying yourself. It becomes so damn hot. So you can’t stand it no more.

How come all this happens to you? And you stand up and excuse the teacher to get out of this hell and walk straight to where you made your payment. What else can you do?


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