How Many Birds Are Still There?

There’re five birds on a branch of a tree. One of them just flew away. The other one decides to stay not because it’s safer over here, but it gets used to being here. Two others are still hesitating but determined to fly away. How many are still on the tree in the end?

There’re still four of them.

You may find it ridiculous because the answer is so clear, but how many of us have a clear recognition about such a situation you might be in some time.

Firstly, when a thought of change comes into your mind and it entertains you a great deal with the brighter scenario which this would create to you life. Nobody wants to be exactly the same as they are in five years or ten. You’ve thought a lot about that decision. You think of the good things if you’re successful with it, and you also make a list of what it would take you to achieve that and what kinds of pitfalls can be ambushing somewhere on your ways to success. You read a bunch of books on the subject, subscribe to a great number of newsletters, try to get connected with people who share the same points of view to talk to them and understand more about them. Those are the things you try to convince yourself that it’s a great work you’ve ever thought of and it’s even greater if you would succeed with it.

Not all the people you meet and talk to about the idea is one hundred percent agreed with your idea. Some of they guys even say that your vision is so risky and not worth your endeavors; and some others just say that you’re crazy. You begin to isolate and block yourself and your mind to these criticisms. They can never know how meaningful it is to you life. You’re trying to protect your newly-born idea from getting hurt. And somehow, you finally meet some people who think that you would be regretful forever if you don’t realize your dream for they say if you don’t think your ideas are good then who will? They’re so kind and understanding. All the same, you still ensure that you don’t live the world of your own. You become more careful and patient. You know that perseverance is vital for your achievement.

Nevertheless, will your dreams, ideas and visions become real if you keep on thinking, struggling merely in your mind and not yet take any action? They’re still here in your thoughts, not out there in reality.


Who Don’t Want to be Treated Well?

When someone wants you to be there with them, will you? They want your accompany when they’re feeling down, and you try to wonder why you would be there.

Being there would be a waste for you if you think of the benefits you can get then. You have to set your personal and business stuffs aside for a while and move yourself there. When you make it there, you should listen to them to see what happened to them. It’s just a waste of time listening to them if you just care about your stuffs.

Let’s look at it from a different point of view. What can you bring them when you listen to them? You give them your attention and time for them to get noticed and listened and understood and sympathized. You let them know that you’re not only with them when you need something from them. You’re with them because you like to. You treat them the way you want to be treated. They know that you care. They don’t need your excuse ‘I don’t care’ at all. Nobody does.

And that’s the difference you can make. Is being different one of the benefits to your business?

Does Advice Necessarily Always Benefit You?

A farmer was making his plough. He was trying to fit a stick of wood as the handle into the plough. When he was nearly done, a guy came by and gave him a comment on his new tool. “The stick is too long for your plough,” said the man. The farmer looked at it and agreed with the man. So he shortened the stick a little bit.

Another farmer stopped at him and said that it was a long plough, but the latter replied that he had made it shorter a bit already. His fellow worker added that it was still long.

When he was done and felt so satisfied with the newer length of the stick, a woman reached him and said that he couldn’t work with that long stick. This time this really annoyed him because he had had the repeated same comments on his work. He said “Yeah, I know how to do it myself.” The lady said that he could scratch his back when it itched, but couldn’t produce any crop with that plough.

He just hated those words coming out from her mouth, so he sat still for a while when she left and tried to think whether she was right or not, as he knew that the plough was short enough. He was still wondering why she said so. Finally, he decided to try to fix it one last time.

When he made it somewhat shorter, it just didn’t look right to him at all. He had never had a plough which was that short, and never seen any farmers in the neighborhood possessing one.

It was just a story and you don’t just deal with the only right length of the plough. But the right decisions face you. Have you ever found yourself in such a situation when you have solutions for your business problems and still get the criticism, commenting or even advice on how your things should be done? Then what should you do?

Well, you don’t try to dictate what products or services you sell or how they should be, how you sell them to your customers and what kind of price you charge, what your marketing plan is  and how it’s carried out, and so on; but you should have your own judgement on how those things should be taken care of, making sure that the crowd know what they’re talking about and keep moving forwards with your mind opened to the public opinions. The only reason for that is because, in some way, you can benefit from the outsiders along the way you go with your life and business.

Preventing Losses At All Costs

You run a coffee powder business. You want to produce as much coffee as you can and sell it with bulk quantity at the price where you’re competitive. All a sudden, you find yourself having some of the workloads which quality is lower than the standard that you’ve set up in accordance with your customers’ wishes. You know that you should have done something to prevent this from happening but you didn’t do anything good enough for it. Therefore, it’s on your mind now.

So what would you do? You can have two options now.

Option number one is that you will dump all the low quality coffee and get a big loss on your investment because of your sucking quality control. You might risk your capital or your financial stability. You’ll have to let those quality control guys, who brought you into this dilemma, go home and have nights without sleep to think of solutions for that and try to overcome your difficulties. But you can save your face, your business brand and keep up with the quality promises you’ve made with the customers trusting and using your product.

Or to save the possible loss, you pick the second option that you pretend you didn’t know what happened to your coffee and brainwash your quality concepts and fool your salespeople and customers with the excuse that most other businesses in your industry can have the same mistake . And so can you.

You can cheat your customers once or twice, but are you assured that you can do it the third and fourth time? And what if they find out they’re getting something less worthy than what they’ve paid for? Maybe you can ordered your workers to sit all day long at their coffeeshops to make company name on top of their minds? But for what? For your tricks on them?

Can You Change Yourself?

Sometimes, you find yourself tired, exhausted and disappointed after a bunch of your vain efforts, instead of blaming yourself or other people, you should try to figure out where you are on your ways to your goal and how to get yourself back on track.

The thought that you haven’t done anything useful for your dream can get you down but nobody, nothing or no circumstances. When you’re down, the negative thinkings just doesn’t help and regret doesn’t work either.

Can you change that? You can change anything for your benefits, including your attitude. Try to find out when and where you really missed something important in the process and what you should have done instead or how to do it in a better way, and do it right away.

If you’re in relationship with the one you don’t want to have as your wife or husband, change your attitude about him or her, or find a new one. But remember you can’t find a new lover forever.

If you’re at some university that you think that it’s not where you belong to, do the same.

If you think that your family understand nothing about you. Change that prejudice of yours. Even a kid can understand you if you want to share.

If you have the job you don’t like, love the job or move to a new workplace. And you got to be careful about judging your boss or your job if that’s just your own problems.

If you want to start a business but that start-up is just in your imagination for so long, count on your confidence and persistence on your vision and keep on moving in a wiser way.

If your business is going down, do more marketing and create more sales with smarter and less expensive and more financially efficient methods.

Where are the answers for all these things? Ask! Ask anyone you can ask in a proper way or dig all the resources you can reach and fit them into your targets and study all the hints and clues for your solutions. One last thing, don’t forget your imagination. It’s always with you with your absolute authority.

Their Service is Not So Good, But It’s Cheap.

Imagine that you’re a student and you want to better your English. You decide to take a course at a language center. Maybe you want to study at a good one, but the first thought comes into your mind is that you shouldn’t choose an expensive course. And you go to one language center that you can see a lot of their campuses along the way you go to school. You can see four of the campuses. That’s a lot. They must be good and rich enough to have so many places like that around.

You want to get in one of them to learn about the course you want. You’re told that you only have to pay USD300 to study for about one and a half year. Oh God! The course will last one and a half year with only 300 bucks. That’s out of your mind. You can achieve your dream with only that much. In one and a half year, you’ll be very good at English. You pay the tuition and keep the receipt to make sure that you’re not a day dreamer, and wait for the course to start.

That beginning day of your dream realization process finally comes. You’re so eager and energized to go to class. You’re in very early. Perhaps you’re one of the ten coming there earliest. You pick the one of the seats at the first row, which is closest the knowledge resource. You’re close enough to the board, the CD player and of course the teacher. There’re just a few students in the class the first day. Not so many students are in the class, but a good class doesn’t need a lot of them.

The second day you go to class and discover that there’re more students coming. And more of them come in.

And after one week you see yourself sitting among a crowd. That’s amazing. How come? There’re about forty to fifty of them not including you. You find yourself sitting so closely with other guys. Your desk is almost join to those of the two others sitting next to you on the two sides. You can’t move any part of your body even to take notes. You find it impossible to get out to go to the restroom if you have to. The teacher’s talking and showing things and you can’t listen to him because every single sound one of y’all make units with one another to make up a loud noise.

The teacher tries to calm you down to persuade you sit still and quiet, but you can see the heat is occupying yourself. It becomes so damn hot. So you can’t stand it no more.

How come all this happens to you? And you stand up and excuse the teacher to get out of this hell and walk straight to where you made your payment. What else can you do?