All They Care is Your Money?

If you’re tired of crowded, hasty and noisy city life, and you want to forget about it for just a while, a club could be one of the choices of entertainment created within the city. Why not a book? Sometimes reading book is too serious to entertain yourself with. Just sometimes.

I have a friend named Hieu, which is pronounced like ‘Hugh’. I’ve known him since we were in university. We studied at the same one in Saigon. After graduation, I just hardly have time to meet him, but it’s fun and interesting to know the things and places he shows for entertainment.

That night, he and I and two other guys met and we agreed that we wanted to go to some coffeeshop or somewhere to drink. He said it was ok if we left the job for him. He added, ‘let me show y’all a new coffeeshop’. A new one? That sounded great.

Two of us went on a motorbike. He took my friend on his bike and I took his on mine, and he showed us the way to get there. He led us to a small alley which I went through long before. The street was in a sucking condition, and we had to turn left and right and left and right so many times. The ride became a bumping experience. When we just got to more even part of the alley, he suddenly turned left and stopped on the right.

The guys in front of the business gave us a parking receipt for each of the motorbikes. When we got closer to the entry, I noticed that it didn’t look like a coffeeshop at all. One of the security guards gave us a bow and asked how many we were. Man, how could he ask such a question? Didn’t he see there were only four of us in front of him? Another thought came into my mind right after that is that he would wanted to make sure and be nice to us. They’re big guys and we’re small. That was kind of weird and ridiculous of them to do that.

When we got in, tables and chairs were in something like a dance floor. “Oh man, this is not a coffeeshop at all. Where are we now? it’s in a club right?” I asked Hieu. He said he had no idea about it and he just noticed it one day and wanted to try a new place now. You know what? He didn’t understand what I’ve just said. I just mean this was a great idea. Why didn’t he do this a bit earlier? Lol.

I’ve learned in my past experience with the clubs in town and some others in the outskirts that there are just a few good ones and the rest are just shameful imitation with a bad, buzzing sound system and stone age dance music downloaded from some free music websites.

We ordered Heineken and they brought us the beer with extra peanuts and a kind of dried food made from cheese. I didn’t know what the food was and the waitress told me the story about the cheese stuff. There were lots of people standing around us but I didn’t think they’re the ones like us. She explained that it was just not late enough for the customers to come and enjoy. Oh, so they all were just waiters and waitresses. It was just fine as we could spend some time drinking, eating, yelling to one another, because that was just what we needed to do to talk to the others, and enjoyed the music.

The music being played was awesome with the support from the DJ standing opposite me. When I wanted a smoke and finished lighting it, I saw the guy holding a lighter already there for me. That was a amazing. Hieu’s friend wanted to do the lighting himself, but I supposed having some support for it was cool and brand new. It was just like you owned higher authority for others to respect, just because of one reason – we were their customers. Two of the waitresses came closer to our table and they seemed to be there for us to start the conversations with. Having somebody to talk with was good under the influence of the loud music and cold air. That’s just right to the people from the tropical countries. I just love the yelling part of the conversation. Lol. Some of the guys in front looked serious and uncomfortable due to the new environment. They just didn’t know how to relieve themselves and adjust to the atmosphere there. I was wondering who aimed the guns or knives at their backs and kindly invited them to come here.

When we finished our first beers, the waiters squeezed the beer cans. I thought they didn’t need to do that because we knew they were empty already, but maybe they wanted other colleagues to know that. The girl came and told me that we can have a beer for free if we order five. We had a discussion as two of us didn’t want to drink more. Finally, we decided to have four more. Though we could have drink more without the two, that would look bad. Anyway, we could drink eight and just had to pay seven.

Time just went by so quickly and more customers were coming in. It was hotter here with the crowd, cool air, music, smoke and sight though the conversations sounded basic and senseless. But who cared? It was just fun and relaxing. In the end, three of us stood up and join the dance and the other guy just couldn’t stand anymore as he said he would fall down if he did. He confessed to me that he loved it, everything in there.

Some can say something like ‘ they just care about your money, man’.  ‘If you would like to do something like what they did to get people put their money into your pocket, that’s surely the lesson you need to take’ would be my reply.


3 thoughts on “All They Care is Your Money?

  1. Yeah, I’ve tried to find ways to combine business and joy altogether. It’s good to experience the service you really enjoy and think about how to create that good or better service for your own business, though I may not intend to open a club. All that business’s done is to create an excellent service experience for its customers so that they may bring it more referrals. That’s how they develop their business by better and distinguish themselves from the others.

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