Why do You Study a Language?

If you ever meet a foreigner face to face and you feel the inspiration of talking or listening to them, what would you do if you don’t know their language or they don’t know yours? Nothing would happen between y’all but a smile or look. Then you find yourselves left with no reasons to be there anymore.

How would you feel if you hear a hello in your language and vice versa? The invisible wall between you disappeared. It’s a fresh brandnew alien impression you’ve got inside.

Then you might ask me a question like “why do I need to study their language?” Well, you can come up as many reasons as you wish with your imagination.

Your work or business will be bettered.
Many people like to work in other country because they like to travel. They love to see things and people that they’ve never done before and speak and listen to a new language.

Or they find themselves obliged to do so, maybe because there’re less jobs in their country in such a depression like which we’re in right now. Just the percentage is lower in the alien nation. The ability to communicate with their colleagues in their language will be welcomed more strongly, friendly and warmly. Sitting at certain corner in the office would look not very cool.

With the search for less expensive investment a businessowner can make, some nation in South East Asia may be favored. The businessman’s native language competence could save him from faux interpretation as well as misunderstanding occurred during meetings due to cultural differences. Do you think you wouldn’t lose money if you give a clear and understandable directions and then recognize that everything goes wrong? Who to blame? That translator can go home, and you’re there in an ocean of mistery and doubt. Hiring another one only can’t help the case.

You can have thousands of reasons not to do something. Learning a foreign language is not an exception. You have your decision to make.

Next time if you meet me in Vietnam, which of these willl you use to stop me?
(1) “Hi”,
(2) “Hi” and “Xin chao”,
(3) “Xin chao”


2 thoughts on “Why do You Study a Language?

  1. Dear Nick

    Please forgive me emailing you in such a seemingly cold fashion. You seem to share my love of language and I wondered if you might like a mutual link to my English word website:


    with best wishes

    Adam Jacot de Boinod

    (author of The Meaning of Tingo)

    • You know I found your comment in my blog’s spam. I don’t care much about how you write to me. I just want to know something from others by real communication. I believe that everyone has something special about them. If languages interest you then it’ll be great for both of us. I’ll add your link to my blogroll. Thanks for your visit and email. Nick.

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