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Like most Asians, Vietnamese like drinking tea everywhere and in most situations. After eating your meal in a restaurant or even in a tiny diner, you can order a glass of ice tea. At some food places, you can get one for free. And if you love going to the coffeeshops, you could have your free ice tea before, during and after you get your drink. That’s just the case when you’re in Saigon.

Vietnamese from the North of the country are proud of green tea. However, you would have no idea about what kind of tea you are drinking although you can recognize their distinguished tastes after you’ve tried some. Besides, most people just don’t care about that. Although not many people think tea is a cheap drink, they didn’t really look at it as something special. Yes, tea was just a normal drink.

Tan Hiep Phat Joint Stock Beverage Company, which located in Binh Duong Province about an hour by taxi or scooter from Saigon, created and launched its now famous kind of energy drink with the brand “Number One”. Inspite, its fame now is not as high as it once was, “Number One” helped Tan Hiep Phat feel more confident to show off its new strength of competition in beverage industry with the present of the two giants Pepsi and Coca Cola.

With some repeated commercials on some national and local newspapers and television stations, Tan Hiep Phat developed a revolutionary brand for the brandnew beverage in Vietnam – bottled green tea “zero degree”. The company has recognized and took good use of Vietnamese favorite taste and way of catering and drinking – all fresh. Zero Degree’s told to be made from fresh and original green tea, and the story’s spread very rapidly. Freezing Degree sales have been made as quickly and much as water falls down from the waterfall.

The two giants Pepsi and Coca Cola become outsiders in this green tea revolution. Maybe they would have no ideas what the heck green tea is and how to make it, or they might think it doesn’t worth their attendance into the market, or they must have tried and failed with this local type of drink. Vietnamese beverage businesses could have become smarter and more sneaky to be able to survive in the foreign domination in their own country’s market. Tan Hiep Phat is one of them.

Others couldn’t stand the fact of being observers and the temptation to be in the game. With the same story of green tea, they changed some of its part and tried to market their own tea drink in a slightly different way with the hope that consumers would give a bit of their attention and pockets for it. All fell; just one can stand the hard time. The green tea C2 has showed up in the marketplace with sweeter taste and less expensive price and, of course, with its different bottle design and labeling. Nowadays, when you come to a coffeeshop, restaurant or grocery store, you could see more people wanting to buy C2 along with Zero Degree. And I’m sure that we could hardly remember or notice the name of the business making C2.

Not being the first and biggest in the market doesn’t necessarily mean that you can not survive, make a good profit and become noticeable and dominant provided that you come up with a brandnew, prosper, punctual and distinguished product or service like a purple cow “natural” green tea Zero Degree in the forests of normal cows soft drinks described by Seth Godin in his marketing books.


3 thoughts on “Follow the Trend!

  1. Hi! thanks for your comment! I can see that you are new here. Im not sure if you are new to the blogging world also. I have been here for a few months now and it is interesting. I have a few posts that may help you with defining art check ehm out

    If you need any tips and guidance in developing your blog, feel free to contact me. Just use the contact form on my blog. Always willing to assist.

    • Yeah, I just began to feel like art for a short while, but I can’t stand the feeling that I have no ideas about what I’m interested in. I’m not new to blogging. Actually I found it is what I’m looking for for about a year. Before I started blogging in English I started a blog about languages in Vietnamese. Thanks for your willingness to help. Nick.

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