Do You Miss “Saigon Red”?

Do you still remember the time when you were in Saigon Vietnam? Do you still remember when we sat and drank Saigon Red Beer and ate rare-boiled seafood like snail, shell, oyster or eggs of some kind of small poultry on the walkway of one of the streets or alleys in Tan Binh District, Saigon.

There’re so many reasons for each of us to have been here in Saigon, Vietnam. We just once wanted to earn a living here or save us from some maybe worse consequence of being bankrupcy after being trapped with one of our business deal or event. The costs of living here are perhaps okay enough and the number of chances to recover over here is big enough for us to feel a bit relaxed from the downturn of our lives.

With or without our recognition, there have existed some of our memorable experiences with some coffeeshops, night clubs, awesome or awful seafood and beer places and some other brands like “Saigon Red Beer” that bring us up here to where we wouldn’t need them anymore. There exist some brands that are part of our lives at present or in the past, like our blood and flesh.

Can we really build one of those brands for other people when we’re there to help them thru the ups and downs of their lives? It’s stayed there just for them even when they don’t need it anymore. It’s still there when they once wanted it because it’s just a drinking experience helping them forget and remember what they want to?

Is your brand good enough to be there for them once they may want it just one more time though how expensive it is?


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