Relax with the Water Park

The day before yesterday I and my girlfriend went to the park close to the river. We feel really relaxed because the sight there make us feel that we weren’t in the city. The water stream was gently moving and some boats were moving back and forwards with no haste.

My girlfriend’s just been here for nearly one year and now told me that she becomes more and more stressful with the living expenses in Saigon. She came here to be in university majoring in International Business. She wants to go to Finland to study because she’s fed up with university education in Vietnam. She thinks she would make much more money after graduated from some university there.

I said blaming something is not right is what she can do, but if she thinks that it just can help her little and wastes her a lot of time then she doesn’t need to. She can do a lot more to fix things not just blaming.

She told me that she wants to go to the beach in Vung Tau City, about 94 miles from Saigon. She wanted to see the beach and go swimming there. It would take nearly six hours to go there and get back. And we wouldn’t have enough time because she has to work today, Sunday.

I said instead we could go somewhere in the city and swim there. Finally “Dam Sen Water Park” came into her mind. So we came there yesterday at lunchtime. I came there some times but it was long ago, maybe when I was in university. There was no swimming pool but there were a lot of water games that you have to swim after all. She said she was relax and had fun and I told her that I was extremely excited with some games there. I think it’s a good place to go and enjoy with water games. I could see and hear some English speaking people coming there.

Sometimes we need to step back what we’ve done and what to do next to solve our problems in life.

Give yourself a break!


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