Missing Part of My Life

It’s been years since I started that dream in me. I’ve wanted to do business. I’ve read so many books and taken so many kinds of jobs to know more about every necessary aspect about business.

I sat eight hours a day to learn how to make good translation. I hate sitting in front of the computer when I don’t like to. Now I can do translation in some major fields.

I spent at least four hours a day under the sun to ride around the city to make sales. I had to ride about 37.5 miles a day to go to the cosmetics shops to sell cosmetics to them.

I stayed in a woodwork factory about five hours a day to do interpretation and learn how to manage the workers with their work. The workers there didn’t like to be supervised but I needed to do my job.

At the same time, after working for that factory I had to do a completely different job, teaching English to people of all ages – from a kid to an elderly. They can make you crazy if you don’t know how to deal with them. I didn’t care much about teaching because that’s what I can do, but dealing with various kinds of people almost killed me some times. But now I can deal with people a little bit better.

Most of the comments I’ve got on what I’ve done are partly positive and partly negative. I don’t like the negative, but I don’t know when they would stop their critics on me and my work. I started to ignore them once, then turned into listening to all off them, favorable and unfavorable. So now I can learn a lot from them – the good and bad things about so many things and people. I can take good use of what’re good for me and my dreams and ignore the rest including what’re bad and nonsense.

Sometimes I felt like losing my direction, but I know I’ve tried to find my ways to my dreams, doing business and learning languages.


2 thoughts on “Missing Part of My Life

  1. It is motivating to read your story. Although your path is bumpy, it seems that you learn from every experience (and I hope so much I would have the opportunity to learn). And that’s good. If you know you are heading for the right path, keep going.

    • They say it’s crazy to do business. But you can’t do business withou being crazy. In Vietnam, it’s said that you need to have money to do business. In my opinions, it isn’t enough. You need more than money. What you can do with your head can really help you to make money to invest into your business.

      How about you and your stories?

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