Speak a New Language by Repeating it!

Today it’s the third day since I’ve received the Six Day Course from Rocket Language Website. This course promises to help learner to learn and use most common German words, phrases and sentences.

Unlike like most language courses and books I’ve ever read about how to learn a language, every lesson of the course gives me a very brief conversation for me to study every day.

It started with showing me how the conversation sounds in German and then exlaining their meanings  and in which situation each of them can be used. It asked me to repeat each of them at least five times. I think they’ve tried to make me listen and speak the things as much as possible and they didn’t make me feel bored about the repetition. They also provided some additional words and sentences so that I can enlarge my language a little at one time. At the end of the lesson, I could still hear the sounds of the conversation in my mind and reproduce them if I try.

They help me learn a bit about the language every day and use it right when I’m studying it. They help me make small steps closer to the language very slowly but effectively.

You can try to see how it would feel to start to speak a brandnew language by going to http://www.rocketlanguages.com. When you’re there, pick the language you’d like to study and subscribe to the Rocket Languages 6 Day Course. And there you go!


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