Speak It Like a Kid

The kids going to my class were taken to school by their parent. They looked fun and a bit naughty to have a new English class. It was time to learn, and like those from the classes I’ve been in charge, they just couldn’t sit still and shut up for the new lesson. So, I did the job for them.

They opened their books and started to repeat. They made some mistakes in pronunciation, but they surprise me all the times that they can pronounce the foreign sounds even when they don’t really know what they are. They just imitated what were spoken.

I was wondering that if they could pronounce the language any better or deshape it to something that they’d hardly be understood if they know more about the language. I heard from a teach german weblog that the best way to study a language is to use it.

Yeah, they were using it. Not like the so-called older, smarter and more experienced  and unchangeable people that are studying the language analysis, they do a much better job at the language centers and bilingual life nowadays while the adults get stuck with their tongue.

Lose yourself to learn a language!


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