Start Blogging

I came across the term ‘blog’ very accidently.  I still remember some friend asked me like “do you have a blog?” or “what’s your blog address?” I replied that I didn’t have one and had no idea about it. I was explained that a blog is just like a website where you can write what you want, upload your photos and share them with friends.

At that time, I didn’t hang out with people often. I just went to work and came home, ate and drank something and then took a shower. The most exciting thing after reading is to get online to check my emails and then wander around or surf on the net without any certain purposes. Sometimes, I feel a real need to get online. I guess I have the need to be connected to the world, but when I’m there I don’t know what to do.

I’ve studied some first simpliest techniques to create my previous blogs and gave some designs for them like choosing the themes and text fonts and sizes. The blogs I went to just showed me lots of ways to make a blog more attractive. It was like putting bright and colorful lights and decorative stuffs on your Christmas tree. But finally I didn’t know what to do with the blogs I just had.

I thought of numerous domain names but I couldn’t make up my mind what the real reason for it. Oh yes, that was the problems. I was busy thinking of how to design a blog but I still didn’t have a real reason to have one. Having a decorative blog may sound good but it’s not all I’ve looked for from a blog.

I’ve read some books about what to do with a blog just to see it’s still way too long to make my blog to where I want it to be, but it’s made me think over to the inside of me. Instead of searching out there the real meaning for my blog. I better off looking at it from a different point of view.

Why do I need a blog? Just to write about things I longed to write about but I haven’t. Just write what I want to write and I’ll know what to do next.


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